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action from the Great Women's Run

Great Glasgow Women Beat The Heat

Thousands ran through the streets of Glasgow yesterday at the 2018 Great Women's 10K as the recent spell of hot weather continued. Cloud and a little breeze offered some comfort but the water station was well patronised and the mist station drew lots of praise on social media.

Despite a smaller field - there were just over 2,700 finishers - than in its heyday the Great Women's 10K still proved an inspirational event with a unique atmosphere. Friends ran round together, mothers grabbed daughters' hands to cross the finish line and the sight of hundreds of colourful charity vests added to the occasion.

GB internationalist Gemma Steel dominated the race at the business end finishing in 34:09 to take first place ahead of Annabel Simpson (36:23) and Calderglen Harrier Julie Beveridge (40:39). Steel said after her victory: “It’s good to be here in Scotland and winning on a great course. It was very warm out there but I really enjoyed the run today.”

Club runner Sandra Band (47:07) was happy with a top 60 place and told runABC Scotland: "I had to work hard but I enjoyed the course." Vicki Stein was the mid-point runner in 1:04:19 and the field closed on 2:09:52.

Post-race feedback was positive although many felt a second water station was needed. Susan Webb's comments were typical: "My first 10k in Glasgow and it was extremely well organised. Not sure if it was because it was an all women event but the atmosphere was really special. So many lovely supporters and runners. Loved the ‘mist station’ it was perfect for today. Thanks to everyone involved."

And when asked how the event could be improved Karen Ballantyrne Leishman said: "No hill at the end! Seriously, great run and well organised. One water station wasn't enough.. not in this heat. . .but a massive shout out to all the stewards, volunteers, spectators and organisers....a fantastic job well done."

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