Garendon Gallop

A Galloping Great Time

You can count on stunning scenery and a friendly vibe at this summer 10K...

If you're looking for an off-road 10K race with great scenery and a friendly atmosphere then get Garendon Gallop 10K on your to do list and prepare for an amazing race through the beautiful and historic Garendon Park in Leicestershire. 

One of the most scenic races in the UK, The Garendon Gallop 10K will return on 4 August with runners treated to a traffic-free course featuring the Triumphal Arch, Obelisk and Temple of Venus all of which are 18th-century historical monuments within Garendon Park, private land between Shepshed and Loughborough.

2024 will be the 5th outing for the Garendon Gallop 10K which has become a popular race in the area and it is easy to see why when you look at photos of the venue. Indeed the race provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the site of Garendon Park which is the former site of a Cistercian Abbey, founded in 1133 and dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1536. 

Whether you look to compete or complete, this event welcomes everyone irrespective of ability to the single lap, off-road route and enjoy a tour of the Garendon Estate at the same time and every runner receives a technical t-shirt.

The organisers want everyone to: “Come along and enjoy this summer event.” A picturesque race on a summer’s day is the tonic to our recent wintry spell of weather.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Garendon Gallop 10K website. 

Image: Start 2 Finish Facebook

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