Sunset to Sunrise Challenge Medal

Soon be time to run from Sunset to Sunrise

Runners will challenge themselves from dusk to dawn.

The days, hours and minutes are ticking down to The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge 2021 on Saturday 20 November. Runners will complete their chosen distance via out and back laps along the River Severn and if they have opted for an ultra, will finish the following day.

The 7th Sunset to Sunrise Challenge is hosted by How Hard Can It Be Events & CODRC who also organise the equally popular Sunrise to Sunset Challenge in December. Both events push runners to see how far they can go or want to within a timeframe.

The Sunset to Sunrise Challenge has an unusual start time of 4.16pm and an equally unusual finish of 7.33am. Everyone sets off along the disused Ironbridge to Bridgnorth railway line, running alongside the River Severn as they begin to tick off the laps (and miles). 

Each out and back lap is 11 miles in total as they aim to run this, 22 miles, 33 miles, 44 miles or 55 miles. There is the option to run a half marathon or a marathon instead. The water station every 5.5 miles will keep them hydrated whatever their distance and the wide range of snacks is ideal for topping up the energy levels especially in the wee small hours!

It is mind over matter as darkness sets in, the temperature starts to fall and feet begin to ache. Tiredness kicks in as time goes on... 

However; the support at the water stations and words of encouragement between the runners as they pass each other is the spur to get to the finish. Then receive an eye catching medal and recover at the Race HQ, Coalport Village Hall. 

There is still time to join in. Sign up at the How Hard Can It Be Events & CODRC website.            

Image courtesy of How Hard Can It Be Events & CODRC. 

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