Race The Machine

‘Race the Machine’ for free this Sunday

Five mile challenge to test potential open to all

Runners everywhere have been invited to come together to ‘Race the Machine’ for free this Sunday (27 June) – for ‘a bit of fun and community spirit’. 

Rather than pitting runners against other runners over a five-mile course, the innovative concept – a welcome twist on a virtual challenge – pits runners against themselves. 

The ‘Machine’ does this by generating an achievable target time for runners to beat on the day, calculated from a real or estimated 5k result or a previous RTM time – and based on the assumption that the runner has completed suitable training.  

Race the Machine was founded at the end of 2020 by Montrose Flyer Michael Loudon and helped to get off the ground by many of Scotland’s runners. 

As Loudon explained while seeking crowd funding for his new concept last year, ‘Every runner benefits from realistic tailor made targets, and beating yourself and your expectations provides an unrivalled sense of satisfaction.’

After ‘crushing’ the five-mile route of their choice on Sunday, runners are invited to upload their times on the RTM website to see where they stand.

The male and female runners who beat their five-mile ‘machine times’ by the largest margin will receive a red technical t-shirt. 

Runners wanting to take part in the free trial should use the discount code June27 when registering

If runners can’t join the community challenge on Sunday, they can still ‘race the machine’ at any time throughout the year. 

Anyone who completes four RTM distance challenges will be rewarded with a red RTM buff; runners who complete all seven – 3k, 10k, 5 mile, 1500m, 5k, 1/2m, 10 miles – will be able to sport the exclusive black ‘Mission Accomplished’ version.  

Image: Race The Machine

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