Buxton AC Target 5K group At The Pavilion Gardens 5K

Buxton AC group hit the target at Pavilion Gardens 5K

A beginners group from Buxton AC had plenty to celebrate at Saturday’s (10 November) Pavilion Gardens 5K. The Target 5K group graduated with smiles on their faces at the end of their journey.

Buxton AC Target 5K is part of the RunTogether initiative launched by England Athletics in 2017 which provides opportunities for people to run with others in a friendly and safe environment. These free sessions are aimed at people who are new to running and those who have been away from the sport for some time.

There are two levels: the ‘Get Me Started’ is for beginners who follow a nine-week structured plan with the Pavilion Gardens 5K their target at the end. They are also invited to become members of Buxton AC. Once they have completed 5k they move into the ‘Keep Me Going’ sessions, increasing the distance to 10k and for many, on to half marathons and marathons. The sessions are led by Andrew Wearden, Rachel Dowle, Paul Wardman and Gemma Whelpton who support and encourage everyone irrespective of age or fitness level.

The Pavilion Gardens 5K is a free monthly event from Buxton AC that starts at 9am and involves running three laps. The organisers changed the course at Saturday’s event – a move that received positive feedback by those taking part. The Target 5K group had one, two or three laps in their sights, completing the run and the nine-week plan on a high to be rewarded with a bespoke medal for their hard work and commitment.

The next Target 5K Beginners course starts in January 2019. Visit the Buxton AC website for more details.

Image courtesy of Buxton AC Target 5K.

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