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It may be Brutal but the bling is worth it

An understandably thin fixture list this Twixmas weekend includes the concluding race to the Brutal Run series 2018 with Brutal Longmoor Camp on Saturday (29 December).

Brutal races are seriously tough trail and cross country events featuring natural obstacles that are designed to stretch you physically and mentally as you tackle either 8K or 16K of some of the most testing terrain around.

Participants earn the title 'Brutaleers' as they encounter deep water obstacles, hills, mud, hills, uneven ground, hills and even more hills. All the 'water features' are depth tested for safety and the organisers claim will only come up to your waist – although that rather depends on where your waist is at the time! For safety reasons children under-13 years cannot take part.

Brutal Longmoor is significant among regular Brutaleers as it is the event that completes the Golden Medal awarded to any runners who finish five Brutal Runs, including Longmoor, during 2018. Last year there were 37 Golden Medals awarded and this number should be comfortably exceeded once the mud has been scraped off the finishers on Saturday.

Last year the 8K Longmoor winners were Daniel Titcomb (41:27) and Sandra Norwood (50:23) while the full 16K course champions were Phillip Young (1:24:12) and Clare Rees (1:27:32) – impressive running over such inhospitable terrain. Clare was actually second overall from 213 runners and a further 519 took the easier option of the 8K course.

Weather conditions on Saturday are likely to be pleasant with the possibility of some sunshine and a high of 10C predicted in some forecasts. Whatever the weather, medals will be hard-earned and none more so than those coveted Golden Medals that link the others together as in our image below.

For all the race information and results remember to visit runABC South race listing first.

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Brutal Run Golden Medal

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