Beeston family at Beeston parkrun

It's the Beeston family parkrun!

They love their stats and oddities at parkrun but one recent occurrence has slipped beneath the radar until now. runABC online is pleased to share the story of the day the Beeston family went to Beeston parkrun!

We have all become familiar with parkrun tourism – when visitors are welcomed at a parkrun that is not their 'home' event, where they were first registered and received their all important barcode. Once armed with that vital pattern of black and white bars parkrunners are licensed to roam far and wide, home and abroad, gathering all manner of statistics along the journey.

Becoming an Alphabeteer (completing a parkrun location that starts with every letter of the alphabet, except X); becoming a Regionnaire (running every parkrun in a particular area); joining the Cowell Club (completing 100 parkruns as a tourist) or the ultra-impressive Fielding Club (250 different UK events) or Freyne Club (250 global events) are all well documented achievements in parkrun tourism.

The latter three unofficial clubs are named after the first parkrunners to manage the feat. But there do not seem to be any claims to fame regarding running the parkrun that shares your surname – until now, that is. Perhaps the Beeston Club has just been launched?

On Saturday 19 October the Beeston family from Tonbridge in Kent were parkrun tourists at Beeston parkrun #290 in Nottinghamshire. They did pretty well, too. Speedy youngsters Will (16:25) and Alex (16:41) were first and second finishers; dad James (first M45, 18:56) was sixth and Amelia (first JW11-14, 21:55) was second female. Mum Jo Beeston (W45, 28:10) was 150th overall and sixth in her age category.

An even more amazing statistic is that Alex (80.92%), Will (80.30%) and James (76.67%) were the top three age-graded performers on the day!

Any more family-named parkrunners out there? Can anyone match the Beeston family top three age-graded results? Have you run your surname parkrun yet?

Visit Beeston parkrun here or search for your own surname parkrun here

Image courtesy Beeston parkrun

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