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High Performance Runner Hill Challenge

Aim high with the High Performance Runner hill challenge

Following on from his Fastest Mile, Midlands coach John Danahay has set another challenge where the question for any runner is how many feet can you ascend in 30 minutes? The results have been uplifting so far...

For runners not so keen on an ‘eyeballs out’ mile, Coach John Danahay of High Performance Runner (HPR) created a challenge that is more likely to appeal. His hill session is aimed at all abilities and meets the government guidelines on exercising close to home and social distancing.

Participants find a hill near to their homes and run up and down it as humanely possible in 30 minutes. There is the issue of how steep and how long the hill should be although this depends upon their location. It begins with a warm up before the 30 minute session followed by a cool down and the evidence of this is sent to John Danahay.

John noticed a substantial difference between those running up a long steep hill and others up a sharp climb. He has adapted the challenge by creating two categories: 30 minutes of 7 reps or less on a long hill and 30 minutes of 8 reps or more on a short hill.

The first result in the challenge was by Amy Neill who completed 11 ascents (633ft) of a very steep hill in Leek. Daniel Soltys ran up and down the notorious ‘Killer Mile’ three times (1420ft): Emma Weston did two sessions (1057ft). Brian Lomas twice ran the trail route to Mow Cop (1209ft) and James McMurdo completed 5 sessions in Macclesfield Forest (1168ft).

Will runners choose a long or short hill? The answer will unfold as the challenge progresses.

Image courtesy of John Danahay – High Performance Runner

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