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Dunoon Presents … many races this year

‘Classic’ 10k and ultra races return to Argyll

Entries have just opened for two quite different races, both finishing in the scenic Argyll town of Dunoon.

The Dunoon 10k Coastal Road race will be held on Saturday, 7 August. Its ‘classic, fast and flat’ route will take runners south along the banks of the Firth of Clyde along the coast road, and then back to the start – with stunning views in all directions. The route seems tailor made for a PB with organisers Dunoon Presents describing the race on facebook as ‘one of the flattest there is’. 

Entries will be limited to 300, with just over 100 left at time of writing. As runners may have to set off in waves at the start, registrants are asked to provide their estimated finish times at the point of entry. 

The 2021 Dunoon 10k does not appear to be accompanied by a half-marathon as in past years.

For runners who fancy taking on a bigger challenge, the 55km-long Dunoon Ultra Marathon and Relay will be held on Saturday, 2 October. The event, first held in 2016, can also be tackled in teams of three. 

The route – with nearly 4000ft of climbing definitely not one of the flattest there is – takes runners from Benmore Gardens and up Puck’s Glen to Inverchapel and a climb to the highest point of the race at 1000ft above sea level. From there, the route heads into Glenbranter and then along the west side of Loch Eck, back to Benmore Gardens for a final climb and then a well-earned descent into the Bishops Glen. Like the Dunoon 10k, the Dunoon Ultra enjoys a spectacular finish at Dunoon Pier.  

Entries to the Dunoon Ultra close on 6 September and are limited to 230.

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