Windsor Half Marathon

13.1 Reasons To Run Windsor Half

Windsor Half Marathon takes place for the 36th time on Sunday 30 September and the organising team have come up with a special way to help keep us motivated over the next three months – 13.1 tips for enjoying your half marathon training!

For many people the mere thought of running 13.1 miles in Windsor Great Park, the only Royal Park managed by the Crown Estate, starting and finishing in front of Windsor Castle would be inspiration enough to get the miles in during the summer months.

However, for those of us who are easily distracted by the World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France or countless other couch magnets, it's well worth spending a few minutes to review why we are running a half marathon and how to give ourselves a sporting chance of success.

Windsor Half Marathon include tips that will add some focus to your training and help with nutrition and hydration. Perhaps the most important tips are the practical ones regarding personal organisation and event specific preparation – trying to leave nothing to chance.

As for tip 13.1, this might be the best advice of all: “Whether this is going to be your only half marathon or your 100th, please enjoy the process. Training for something like this is epic. You’re epic! What you’re doing is incredible. So congratulate yourself, be proud and enjoy the process”.

Wise words indeed and applicable to runners of all standards in any event that presents both a challenge and an opportunity in equal measure.

You can read the 13.1 tips for half marathon success here. Our favourite is Tip 9 - Train The Brain - which emphasises the importance of mental preparation and strategy. Take a look and decide which pointer you find most useful.

Full details of Windsor Half Marathon are available in runABC South race listing here

Image courtesy Windsor Half Marathon

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