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Watch Out For These Two New Races!

There are two new races coming to Cumbria's Watchtree Nature Reserve in 2023...

We bring new of not one, but two new events for 2023 - you can't say we're not good to you here at runABC! Indeed, runners in Cumbria will be delighted to learn of two events scheduled for Watchtree Nature Reserve which is situated on the Solway Plain, six miles south west of Carlisle and boasts clear views to the northern hills of the Lake District and overlooks the Solway Firth estuary. 

The reserve has been home to running events for the last six years, but this is the first time a 10K will take place here. A spokesperson said: "This year the programme is a little different, to offer more of a challenge to those who enjoy running longer distances. If you have been taking part in our Couch to 5K programme, and ran in your first 5K, then why not aim for the next milestone of 10K?"

There are only 200 places available for the Watchtree 10K which will take place on 21 June at 7pm, and judging from the popularity of last year’s Seasonal Series it will fill up fast, so you'll need to be quick! 

A little later in the year, the Watchtree Half Marathon will take place on 19 November. Again, this will be the first time a race of this distance will be held on the reserve. The route includes quiet country lanes; but be warned, Watchtree is on top of a hill so there will be ups and downs! 

This is a great location to bring the family along for support as Watchtree offers plenty to do and you can easily entertain children for a few hours with bikes, karts, nature walks, orienteering route, and a wonderful cafe too.

If you'd like to know more visit the Watchtree Nature Reserve website. 

Image: Watchtree Nature Reserve Facebook

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