The Swift Run technical t-shirtImage: courtesy of Oliver Clarke (Swift Run Coaching)

Swiftly does it in this new virtual run

Participants run as far as possible for 60 minutes.

The Swift Run virtual challenge invites people to see how far they can get in an hour on a course of their choosing. They have between 28 May and 1 June to complete their run.

Designed as a celebration of running, this new virtual event from Oliver Clarke of Swift Run Coaching is open to everyone and time rather than distance is the target. They run (or walk or even crawl!) for 60 minutes, submit their finish time and evidence, e.g. Strava via a personal link and receive a bespoke technical t-shirt in return. 

This is ideal for a newcomer looking to increase the duration of their runs and for the experienced athlete keen to see how many miles they can run and at what speed within the time limit. Participants are asked to abide by government guidelines in accordance with the road map out of lockdown. 

Oliver (Olly) Clarke is an England Athletics Qualified Coach in Running Fitness who has been coaching athletes of all abilities for more than 5 years. He delivered a successful Couch to 5K programme that has produced over 200 happy graduates and offers one-to-one, personalised coaching across the distances, from 5K to marathon and ultramarathon. His motto is “Performance through Positivity.”

For more information and to enter The Swift Run, visit the AV Timing website.
Image courtesy of Oliver Clarke (Swift Run Coaching).

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