Running rings around Falkirk’s Kelpies at Supernova 5K

Falkirk’s famous Kelpies were the dramatic centrepiece of three Supernova 5k Runs last weekend.

Impressive enough in daytime, the pair of 30-metre-high statues – representing the dusk-loving water creatures of Scottish folklore – formed an even more impressive backdrop than normal. They were lit a bright blood red until Remembrance Day.

On the evening of the runs, the 300-ton figures were illuminated further by the headtorches of the hundreds of runners of all ages who had signed up for the challenge.

The Kelpies were the third and last in this year’s Supernova 5K series of family-friendly illuminated runs in iconic locations. Runs at Bournemouth Pier (as part of the Marathon Festival) and London were held earlier in the year.

Billed as an ‘enlightening running experience’, the Falkirk event was supported by CHSS, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, CHAS and Cancer Research UK as affiliated charities.

Even though the emphasis of the Supernova runs is on fun and fundraising, the winners of both Friday’s and Sunday’s events posted very quick times: 16.49 (Samuel O’Neill) and 16.31 (Cameron Sale). Saturday’s race, won by Marcin Karpowicsz, saw a very strong showing by female runners, with Claire Thompson (18.54) in third place overall, and two more women inside the top 10 (Minnie Brocklesby in 5th and Kelly Black in 7th).

Early bird entries for next year’s Supernova Kelpies 5k are already open.

Image The Supernova Kelpies 5k (twitter)

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