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Sorbothane poster with product and packaging


Sorbothane is your game changer

Did you know, every time your feet strike the ground, harmful shockwaves reverberate through the body at up to 70mph?

Subjecting your feet to this high level of stress can have an adverse effect on the way you move, train or play. Left unaddressed, damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons could inhibit you from performing at the top of your game.

But with Sorbothane’s world-class shock absorption and foot stabilising technology, the Sorbo Pro will ensure you achieve your highest level of performance.

Features & benefits:

  • Unparalleled 94.7% shock absorption
  • Protects joints like the knees and ankles from harmful shockwaves produced when the foot impacts with the ground during sport and exercise
  • Reactor Pads offer a highly-responsive, technical forefoot compound inlaid to complement your foot's natural energy return during ‘toe-off’
  • Biofit technology supports, aligns & cushions the sole of the foot to carefully centre the user's geometry
  • The stabilising arch provides a biomechanical fit to address excessive foot pronation and strain to plantar ligaments and muscles
  • COOLMAX® provides ultimate breathability by wicking moisture away from the body
  • An antibacterial top sheet prevents odours from forming within the shoe


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