Mizuno Wave Paradox 5

Running paradox

If you want to find yourself in a Google black hole, search, ‘paradox’ and spend the afternoon trying to figure out whether Achilles can catch the tortoise! If you would rather be doing the running rather than reading about it, ditch Google and grab a pair of Mizuno’s Wave Paradox 5 shoes.

Perfectly balanced for your daily runs, the Paradox 5 has recently undergone an update and been designed with DynamotionFit and Mizuno’s latest Fan-shaped Wave technology for a perfect fit with maximum support. Offering strong pronation control with soft cushioning, these shoes are a good choice for runners looking for plenty of stability without sacrificing on comfort.

Is the shoe a paradox in itself? Is it possible to have a maximum support shoe that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort? Can a shoe be lightweight as well as stable? The answer to both is yes. The Mizuno Wave Paradox offers an attractive, fast, lightweight design all of which are a real boon for runners with overpronation issues who are more used to clunky, heavy shoes with little cushioning.

Find out more at the Mizuno website.

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