Runners battling through wet weather at the Old Colliery CanterImage: courtesy of Andrew Swales Photography

Back into the splash of things at the Old Colliery Canter

Over 130 runners set sail at a wet and windy race.

Smiles and thumbs up from runners were proof that you can’t keep a good grimmer down despite conditions at Saturday’s (8 May) Old Colliery Canter. They battled through heavy rain, mud and cold temperatures at another well organised event from It’s Grim Up North Running (IGUN).

The dry and sunny April seems to have been replaced by a wet and overcast May that on Saturday, felt like a return to winter for the hardy bunch of participants. They made their way around a 5 mile lapped course that included what the organisers termed a ‘generous hill’ and stalwart marshals encouraged them every soggy step of the way. 

They had a choice of 5 Miles, 10 Miles, 15 Miles, 20 Miles, Marathon and Ultra, all of which were held at Rabbit Ings Country Park, Royston in South Yorkshire. The Park is located on the site of the former Monkton Colliery and then the Royston Drift Mine that shut in 1989 and its grassland, wetland and trails are popular with walkers and cyclists. 

Skin is waterproof as they say and a good job too as they ran, walked and waded through puddles and mud in driving rain. Marathon legend Hilary Wharam was in her element in the 15 miler and first timers in this event also enjoyed the challenge and the cake. 

The warm welcome from the GRIM team and friendly atmosphere kept everyone smiling through as did the post-race medal and goodies. Results are available on the runABC race listing page.

Next weekend is the Roche Abbey Trail Running Festival and fingers are crossed for dry weather!

Image courtesy of Andrew Swales Photography.

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