Round Sheffield Run Winter

Run Round Sheffield This Winter

The winter version of the much-loved Round Sheffield Run is now open for entries...

Who fancies running round Sheffield 'like a lunatic, in the depths of winter'? It maybe doesn't sound too appealing at first, but when you find out that this is the winter edition of the famed Round Sheffield Run, things start to get a bit more interesting!

In fact, when race organisers announced that entries are now open for the event, set to take place on 7 January 2024, there was a flurry of excitement on social media with comments such as this from Philip Gillingham: "... it’s the winter version of the best race on the calendar, is loads of fun and always has a great atmosphere at the race village and out on course. There’s nothing not to like and nothing like it."

So, what's the deal? Organisers ask: "How often have you thought during a run or race that it would be great to have a bit of a break right now? This race format allows you to do exactly that – work hard during the timed stages, and take it easy in between – allowing you to enjoy the journey, reflect on the stage just gone, and exchange pleasantries with your fellow runners."

The unique format breaks the route down into stages with each stage being raced. Competitors receive results for each stage as well as a combined overall result at the end. This gives you the chance to relax a little between stages, regroup with friends and fellow runners, and refocus before the next stage begins.

Competitors are allowed to walk or jog in between stages. There is a maximum time limit for each 'Liaison Stage' which roughly equates to a moderate / slow walking pace. This creates a special and unique social vibe at the race. Participants set off every few seconds across their starting block so (unless you’re particularly speedy) there will always be someone to chase down!

The start and finish area in Endcliffe Park welcomes participants with a relaxed atmosphere. Local artisan coffee, wood fired pizza, sandwiches, burgers and other delightful treats will be on offer to compliment a Thornbridge beer or two to celebrate your accomplishment. The relaxed upbeat atmosphere provides enjoyment for you, your supporters and the rest of the family too.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Round Sheffield Run website.

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