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image showing a customised insole being formed

Get ready for 2019 with Profeet

Profeet's 4-step process can help mitigate the excesses and injuries that come with winter running. Their highly qualified sports scientists will firstly listen to your needs, evaluate your running ability and aspirations and choose a shoe that’s right for your running style and foot type.

Next your technician will assess your movement using both foot scanning and video gait analysis with state-of-the-art analysis software then you'll be fitted for custom insoles to support and cushion your feet and improve fit. Insoles are the secret of the Profeet fit. They are moulded to suit each individual foot for a truly bespoke solution.

Finally your Profeet sports science technician will recommend and provide exercises to improve your movement as part of your sports assessment.

It's a truly comprehensive solution that comes highly recommended by many professional athletes who have benefitted from the Profeet service.


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