Night in The Museum Marathon

They all made tracks for The Tank Museum!

Fancy a 47-lap marathon – indoors?

This has to be one of the most bizarre marathons we have ever covered. Night in The Museum Marathon was organised with military precision by Sussex Trail Events inside The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset on Saturday (3rd December) starting at 6:00pm. 

Billed as the world's first marathon held inside a museum, Sussex Trail Events' Race Director Jay McCardle devised a circuit of just under 900m that had to be completed 47 times for the full marathon distance – weaving in and out of many of the 300 tanks from around the world, representing the key battles of every major conflict since the First World War. You can take a lap around yourself in this time-lapse video... 

The Tank Museum, Bovington is situated near Wareham – approximately midway between Weymouth and Poole – and the attraction's website suggests visitors allow four to five hours to enjoy the exhibits of military hardware and nine powerful exhibitions that bring the story of tanks and their crews to life.

With a six-hour time limit for this crazy marathon, the final finisher completed 47 laps in 6:03:46 for 92nd place. There were 67 runners who followed the venue's advice and finished their tour within five hours.

There was a runaway winner in Rodrigo Santos (3:22:43) but quite a battle for the runner-up kudos between Scott Parfitt (3:36:08) and Paul Sargent (3:36:29). The top three women were Eleanor Rollett (4:17:07), Elizabeth Parry (4:21:50) and Harriet Shelley (4:33:45).

Nearly every competitor seemed to have something positive to say about the event, despite a few aching hip joints due to all the sharp twists and turns to avoid so much military hardware! 

Among the best comments on the event Facebook page was: "Tank you so much for putting it on!" – Nik Barter (3:47:01). Matt Wainwright (4:39:49) added: "The most tanked up I've been on a Saturday night. Great event, thanks guys".

Full results are available via runABC South race listing here

Image courtesy Sussex Trail Events on Facebook

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