The start of the 10K relay race as Families on Track gets ready to make its debut at Worcester City Runs

Ready, Steady, Go Families at Worcester City Runs

This new event will get adults and children moving whilst having fun.

A packed weekend awaits participants in the Air Products Worcester City Runs (4-5 September) from Events of the North in conjunction with Worcester City Council. There is a 10K, Half Marathon, Young Athletes Run and new for Worcester, a fun relay for families to enjoy whilst shaking off the pandemic blues.

Created by Marathon World Record Holder Paula Radcliffe and powered by Atom Bank, Families on Track is a 10K relay where all members of the family work together to complete the distance. This is a safe athletics event, held within the grounds of Worcester Racecourse and there is plenty of space for spectators too.

There are three laps: 1000m, 500m and 250m and families run any combination of these and in any order as a continuous relay to achieve 10K. A member completes a lap then hands over to another family member who is waiting in their pen at the ‘Crazy Zone’, not forgetting to give them a few words of encouragement as they set off on their lap. Once they reach 10K, the entire family gets their moment of fame as they run a ‘glory lap’ up to the finish line. Expect this to be lively, energetic and competitive as parents as well as children unleash their inner Olympian!     

Families on Track get the running weekend off to a flying start with wave 1 at 11am and Paula Radcliffe will be there to oversee things as well as taking part with her children. She is passionate about families being outside; exercising in the fresh air and the benefits this brings which are even more important due to the impact of the pandemic.     

More information about Families on Track and how to enter is available at the Worcester City Runs website.

Image courtesy of Chris Lines (Right Lines Communications). 

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