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runners coming out of the Mersey Tunnel

The Mersey Tunnel 10K

3,000 runners, 1 mile underground. What could possibly go wrong?

Well nothing really! The Mersey Tunnel 10K (Sunday, 19 April) is now in its 15th year and this amazing 10K provides something unique for runners of all capabilities.

Starting close to the entrance on the Liverpool side of the River Mersey, runners very quickly drop into the Kingsway Tunnel canopy as they head underground toward the Wirral Peninsula and the full vista of Liverpool's famous skyline.

Runners remain within the tunnel for close to 4K before emerging on the Dock Road, Wirral side to take up a flat and fast 5K stretch along the waterfront promenade.

The tunnel incline (what goes down must come back up) is but a fading memory as runners pick up the pace heading toward the old but much-changed Victorian resort town of New Brighton.

With a brilliant finish along Ian Fraser Walk (he was a local legendary World War II hero) you will be cheered on by the crowds of spectators lining the approach to the finish line. The Tunnel run is certainly not your normal 10k event so if you have not experienced a traffic free Mersey Tunnel and passed through on foot before then this is the event for you.

History lesson - the Kingsway Tunnel is often referred to as the 'new tunnel' event though it was opened back in 1971 by the Queen.

The original Mersey (Queensway) Tunnel which runs from Birkenhead to Liverpool was opened in 1933 by... yes you guessed it, the King!

To enter the 2020 Mersey Tunnel 10K or to find out more visit the btr Liverpool website.

runner exiting the Mersey Tunnel

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