Holidays Fit for Heroes

'COVID-19 heroes' to be rewarded with holidays

Sports Tours International and RunTogether announce scheme to recognise and reward three special people

It has been a year like no other in living memory. A microscopic enemy has changed the way we live and interact with each other, possibly forever. At the height of the global pandemic, a previously unheralded army of volunteers emerged and took on many essential tasks that had suddenly become too difficult or even impossible for the more vulnerable in our society. 

Some of these volunteers went the extra mile and stand out as very special individuals, with an extraordinary degree of courage and compassion, as they quietly went about their tasks to support the community. Meanwhile, NHS staff and key workers performed daily miracles and continue to do so as we are still dealing with the stubborn and pernicious effects of COVID-19.   

Now, the search is on to find and reward three of these extra special people with £1,000 holiday vouchers in a partnership between RunTogether and their official Active Holiday Partner, Sports Tours International

RunTogether is England Athletics' social group running arm with 142,453 registered users and 2,620 RunTogether Groups listed (as of 11 November). There were 6,173 new registrations made throughout September and October and more than 1.3 million run bookings have been recorded through the RunTogether platform.

Sports Tours International takes people to see and to participate in some of the world's best running, cycling, and triathlon events, including all six of the World Marathon Majors.

Sports Tours International is giving away three travel vouchers to the most deserving 'COVID-19 heroes'! Someone who has helped their community, family, friends, and neighbours during these unprecedented times. They’re looking for local heroes who have a story to share so they can reward them with a travel voucher of £1,000 towards a trip of their choice. 

A Sports Tours International spokesperson said: “Here at Sports Tours International, Club La Santa UK and Freewheel Holidays we've been absolutely blown away by the heroes who've helped others in a time of need. So, we've set up Holidays Fit For Heroes as a way to say thank you to the heroes who've helped us all. We want to make someone's Christmas but we need your help. If you know an NHS worker, a key worker or a volunteer who you think would love £1000 to spend on a holiday with us, tell us their story and what amazing things they've done to help others during the pandemic."

You can nominate your hero for their chance to win one of three £1000 vouchers to spend on a holiday of their choice. And if you think you're a hero, of course, you can nominate yourself too. Just complete and submit the form here

Image: RunTogether/Holidays Fit for Heroes


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