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Be A Part Of Liverpool's Running Legacy

Is it time for you to give something back to the running community?

Have you been looking for an opportunity to support your fellow runners and give back to the running community? BTR Liverpool's Alan Rothwell would like to hear from anyone who feels they could contribute to the ongoing development of the BTR event portfolio over the next two years, up to and including the end of 2024.

Alan explains: “As we approach 2024 which will herald in several significant anniversary dates, I think it is important to take a look at any new and innovative ideas that would help improve the quality of BTR events. I've been doing this for so long now I would like to invite any interested individuals who feel they can play an ongoing part in the improvement of the events to join me and help form a BTR Running Community Trust Group.

“The idea is to bring together a group of like-minded people round the table, who can deliver innovation and improvement through a shared experience approach."

Three current BTR events reach individual landmarks in 2023 with the hosting of the 30th Liverpool Half Marathon, 20th Liverpool Santa Dash, and 10th Tour Of Merseyside. The BTR Running Community Trust Group initiative is based on the original format of the Liverpool International Half Marathon which started way back in 1994, when a group of individuals came together to create something special.

Alan was part of that original group and has been involved in the event from the outset and, for 10 years up to 2004, acted as part of the voluntary arrangement that helped develop and deliver the Liverpool Half Marathon race until it was taken over in 2005 by the London Marathon Company. In just two short years the London Marathon Company withdrew from Liverpool and the event was given back to Alan.

As the voluntary group who delivered the event had disbanded it was left to Alan to take over and keep the race going, which then became the origin of what we now know as BTR Liverpool. Having reached a milestone year in 2023 thoughts are now turning to a new and different approach to ensure the legacy of what BTR has created cannot only continue but improve and delivers a vibrant and dynamic running offer.

If you would like to become part of the BTR Running Community Trust Group then email Alan Rothwell with a brief summary of what kind of input you think you may have in the group, and any other information you feel may be relevant to your interest.

More information about BTR Liverpool can be found here.

Image: BTR Liverpool

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