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Go wild at 50 Shades of Green Colour Run

Runners are invited to sign up for the new 50 Shades of Green Colour Run on Sunday 23 June and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in a colourful setting.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) is passionate about the county’s natural environment and has been looking after flora and fauna for the last 50 years. They protect wildlife and wild spaces, manage nature reserves, restore rivers and wetlands and enhance natural areas such as The Churnet Valley.

The Trust actively encourages the public to get closer to nature, to ‘go green’ and improve their understanding of the countryside and the issues it faces. They organise a series of events throughout the year with the 50 Shades of Green Colour Run the latest addition to the calendar. It’s a fun way for people to fundraise for SWT, enabling them to continue their good work for another 50 years.

Entrants run, jog or walk 5K at Chasewater Country Park, Burntwood in Staffordshire whilst enjoying the scenery at this popular conservation site. Coloured corn starch will be blasted at them at various points around the course – these colourants are eco-friendly and non-harmful to wildlife, and an official photographer will be there to capture the moment. Everyone will be given a sachet of paint to throw around at the post-run colour party with live music.

There is a free T-shirt and pair of neon sunglasses for every entrant.

To register for the Colour Run, visit the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust website.

Image courtesy of Kovacs Nandor Robert (Pixabay).

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