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A triumphant finisher at The Hurt

The Hurt

The Surrey Hills has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty for 60 years now and lies less than 40 miles away from London. Characterised by endless forest, soft undulating hills and breath-taking views, one can understand why it was designated an AONB.

But don’t let looks deceive you. There lies beneath the sylvanian mist, a sinister phenomenon that has surprised many an unsuspecting trail runner. It’s called The Hurt.

The clue is in the name. Yet once a year at the beginning of summer, runners come back to the meadow just outside of Peaslake and prepare to pit themselves against the Hurtwood Forest and what lies within.

It transpires those soft undulating hills are not soft and undulating. More rocky, spiky and rooty. And they just keep on coming.

Some have likened it to fell running in the South.

"No nonsense tough trail running at its best. Topped off with homemade brownies and flapjacks" say others.

All who complete their chosen distance of either 5k, 10.5k or 21k depart with the understanding of why it’s called The Hurt. Yet they all say,

"See you next year!

The 2018 version of The Hurt will take place on Saturday 2 June.


Image courtesy of Sussex Sport Photography

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