Signpost At The Poets Path Potter

History in the running at Poets Path Potter

Midlands runners are invited to learn about Dymock’s literary past while running along verse-atile courses in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside. There are three routes and five distances to choose from at the Poets Path Potter (Sunday 21 March) to test mind and body.

Organisers Ed & Phil are passionate about the outdoors and local history and are keen for others to join them: to discover the delights of the countryside around them and get fit at the same time. The event also supports Dymock Cricket Club and Friends of the Dymock Poets.

This event returns for the 8th year and is open to runners and walkers who are self-sufficient and comfortable with self-navigation. They will put these skills into practice in the 8 mile (two races), 10 miles, 16 miles and 26.2 mile marathon, held on Poets Path I and Poets Path II and The Daffodil Way – all of which are rural and picturesque and include a few hills.

There will be a reading of running poetry by resident bard and fellow runner Kathy Tytler before the start of the races at 9am. Waiting for them are locally famous paths, rich in the history of Dymock and the surrounding area that was home to a number of poets including Rupert Brooke between 1911 and 1914.

The organisers have set a generous 10 hour time limit for all the races and each participant will be issued with a map and course description. Refreshments are available at the end of each 8 and 10 mile route as this passes through the event HQ.

Every finisher will receive a commemorative medal, goody bag and souvenir copies of the maps complete with the poetic history of the paths.

Enter via the Dymock Cricket Club website.

Image courtesy of Phillip Howells

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