Runner's knee injury


Most running injuries are avoidable, you just need to know how to prevent them happening

Heel Strike Image

Six Physio's 'running guru' Jon Grayson takes a look at some of running’s most common injuries, and how to prevent them...

Common Running Injuries & How To Combat Them

Properly tieing laces on running shoes

Wear the correct footwear and you'll avoid many injury problems, however some of us just have difficult feet that need lots of attention. We asked podiatrist Emma Lincoln for advice

Feet First

Gait analysis on the treadmill

Gait analysis lets runners see how their feet hit the ground and helps them choose the right shoes accordingly

Gait Analysis

Physiotherapist working on injured foot

Running is a straightforward physical activity but there is one fly in the ointment: injury. Follow these key steps to help minimise your chances of picking up a strain

Return To Running - Get Back In Shape

Runner stretching on the track

Running injuries are the worst. Not only do they take time away from running, they mean pain and expense. Injuries are frustrating and time consuming. Injuries mess with your head as well as your body

Stay Injury Free - 10 Top Tips

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