Gait analysis on the treadmill

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis lets runners see how their feet hit the ground and helps them choose the right shoes accordingly

Gait Analysis is a technique of observing the locomotion of a runner to help improve their running efficiency.

There are lots of types of runners, depending on how they support themselves from their feet upwards. These differences can often lead to problems for runners, often causing injury or strain on one side of the body, depending on how severe the differences are. Fear not, however - There is a solution to the problem!

Taking a trip down to a local running shop for a Gait Analysis could put an end to any problems you may have when running.

Through visual assessment, and sometimes computer-aided visual assessment, your running style can be worked out, and then it can be remedied. Different running shoes, designed specifically to push up one side of your foot or to change the load dispersion through your feet can counteract any problems you may have when running, to help you run in a more equalised fashion.

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