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Whether you're starting out on your running journey or looking for ways to improve your performance, we've got a bunch of articles with useful tips

Unused running shoes

There's no doubt that exercise is good for us - mind, body and soul. But where can we find the time to go for that run? Regular contributer Christine Appel has a few ideas

Find Your Missing Mojo

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Marathon training is like the event itself - long and demanding. Determination and staying power are essential strengths but patience is most definitely a virtue

Patience Is The Key

Prepared runners at the start line

The real challenge of the marathon is not the completion of the demanding 26.2 miles on race day. It's reaching the start line uninjured, fresh and eager for the task ahead

Road Worthy Runner

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Running is one of the most popular physical activities in the UK today, and with a little thought it can be very beneficial in terms of your health and well-being

Start Running - 20 Steps To A Fitter You

Woman drinking water after finishing a race

After making your way round the 26.2 miles of your marathon challenge you will reach your goal of the finish line. A sight indeed for sore eyes, and sore legs, and sore feet

The Road To Recovery

Winter running

Winter running can be enjoyable but there are hazards you should be aware of if you want to run safely through the colder months. Regular contributor Chris Broadbent offers some sage advice

Winter Running Advice

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