Training Schedules

Training schedules for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon, along with further tips on getting the most from your training

Man running on country road

You have followed our 5K training schedule and by sticking to the mantra of 'little and often' you had a successful race day. Now take your running to a new level in just 10 weeks

10K Training Schedule

Running shoes

You'd like to start running for fitness and fun but you're not sure if you can do it. Our beginners schedule will get you started and prepare you for a 5K race in 10 weeks

5K Training Schedule

Cross training - running up steps

To successfully complete a half marathon, you should first of all have run a 10K and have that as a basis for preparing for the longer distance

Half Marathon Training Schedule

Marathon runners

To achieve a Marthon time near 3:30 you should already be be able to run a full Marathon and a fairly quick Half Marathon

Marathon Training Schedule (target time 3:30)

Marathon runners on roads

Stepping up from the Half Marathon distance to a full Marathon takes courage, strength, determination and a good training plan

Marathon Training Schedule (target time 4:30)

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