Blueberries and strawberries


What runners eat and drink is vital, to performance, health and staying injury-free. Check out our articles below to get you moving in the right direction

Fruit & Vegetables

Dietitian Nathalie Jones explains the reasoning behind key nutritional facts that runners should be aware of

10 Things Every Runner Should Know About Nutrition


Breakfast: before a long run, before a race, to keep hunger at bay, as a treat or in a rush, we've got the perfect solutions

A Breakfast For Every Occasion

A bowl of salad

A healthy diet is vital for runners. Poor diet will quickly become obvious during training sessions when fatigue, poor recovery and injury occur. Find out how to eat well to run well

Eat well to run well


Physiologist Colin Thomas offers some key tips on the right fuels for big performances.

Fast Fuelling

Race number

All runners are looking for a boost on race day - whether it is to attain that elusive PB or just to 'get round'. Dietitian Nathalie Jones has some top tips to crank up those energy levels

Get a race day boost

Healthy heart

We all look forward to our treat meals but often feel slightly guilty afterwards! Here are some delicious runner-friendly meals that taste great and you can have whenever you like

Healthy Treats


Dietician Nathalie Jones has some great advice for runners following a vegetarian diet

Making the Most of Meat Free

Digital watch

Eating at the right times is crucial to ensure that you keep your body adequately fuelled for optimal running

Right Foods, Right Times

Empty bowls of soup

Nothing better than a hearty bowl of soup on a freezing winter's day: comforting, satisfying, tasty and convenient. Soups are a great way to look after yourself over the long cold months

Souper Foods

Spring run

Spring often promises new life and change. With the better weather, longer days and the goal of a looming holiday or summer race, we are more likely to make our own changes

Springtime Overhaul

Feet on scales

Did you take up running hoping to shed a few pounds? Feeling fitter and better toned but your weight hasn't shifted? We have an answer to that. Find out more about the art of lighter running

The Art Of Lighter Running

Food cupboard

It is hard to be good and back up your training with a suitably virtuous diet when your cupboards are bare. The key to success is a well stocked larder, with a few essentials on hand

The Runner's Cupboard


To be a runner you need to eat properly. Simple as that. Eat the right food in the right quantity at the right time. Sounds like hard work but it's fun and the results are worthwhile

Top 10 Nutrition Tips

Winter run

Don't let winter beat you, make your diet an ally in the fight to stay fit during the colder months

Winter Food Tips

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