Runner stretching hamstring on floor


Injury is the bane of all runners, so follow our handy hints to stay in good shape. Stretching is key to avoiding injury

Chris doing a crunch

Building core strength is a tried and trusted way of improving as a runner. Better performance, faster times and a stronger body are the rewards for some hard work

Core strengthening

Man stretching leg

Stretching is neglected by many of us but it has the potential to improve our performance, prevent injuries and keep us supple into old age. Why not add it to your running regime today?

Stretch for better running

Stretching the Gluteus Maximus

The Gluteus Maximus is a core running muscle that should stretched and developed over time

Stretching a stronger bottom

Woman in a back bend

The upper part of the body can feel tense and achy post-run. Luckily the three core areas of your upper body, shoulders, back and chest, can be tackled simultaneously in a series of simple stretches

Top end stretches

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