Mizuno Throws Down North-South Gauntlet

The top Japanese shoe and apparel brand Mizuno has launched the North-South Challenge and is inviting runners from across the country to represent their region with passion. Mizuno have teamed up with training platform specialists Mbition to bring you an exciting and novel way to race – a FREE to enter digital 10-mile event across the weekend of 23rd – 24th September 2017.


The first step is to choose your allegiance – will you be running for the north or south? (You can pick either side, regardless of your location.) It's a classic, age-old contest to be settled not by speed or ability – but by commitment to the cause and sticking to your training plan. Once you have provided your details and entered the race, you'll be sent your FREE adaptive training plan by Mbition.

The training plan will prepare you for your challenge and also allow you to log your runs. Completing your training and logging the info then feeds into a live scoreboard. Once entered, hit the Strava button to connect your free account and also synch with your favourite hardware including Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Polar, LG and Samsung

Each week the scoreboard will be updated based on the number of runners in each team, training sessions/miles logged and how on-track each team is with their training. Come race weekend, make sure all of your training is not in vain and complete your 10-mile run for bonus points to be added to your team's total.